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Great service is important for your food establishment to maintain business.
MenuUp also offers great service and can streamline food ordering for your business.
Ordering made Easy from a smart phone, iPad, Tablet, ChromeBook, laptop or desktop. Credit Card payments are Easy.

MenuUp.us provides in-store POS and Online Ordering for restaurants, diners, cafes, bakerys or food trucks.


Reduce the Risk - Less Need for Contact (Make your restaurant compliant to COVID-19 restrictions). Dine In / Dine Out Customers can order from their table on their smart phones and the order prints out in the kitchen. Then a food runner can bring the order to the table or the customer can pick up their order at a PickUp window. Reduce the need for contact. Also, credit card payments are done by dine-in / dine-out customers at their table on their smart phones, iPads or tablets. Restaurant employees do not need to touch any Credit Cards or handle any Cash.

Order at the Table from Inside or Outside your Diner
Dine-In / Dine-Out with MenuUp and your customers can place their orders using their own smart phone at their table. Their table can be inside or outside of the restaurant.
Split check / tab Dine-In / Dine-Out feature in MenuUp allows everyone to use their own smart phone to create their own tab right at the table. Their table can be inside or outside of the restaurant.

QR Code

MenuUp provides a QR code for your store.
Place the QR code at the front door or on the front window. Or place the QR code at each table.
Customers can scan the QR code and go to your online menu to place an order.

Table QR Codes
MenuUp can provide Table QR codes for your tables inside or outside.
Place a Table QR code on your table. When a customer sits down at the table and scans the Table QR code, your online menu will automatically know which table was scanned.
Helps your customers with Table Orders and prevents human error of typing in the wrong table number.

QR code table 10
QR code table 11
QR code table 12

Waiter / Waitress / Server Mode
If your customers prefer to have a waiter or waitress to take their order from the table, then MenuUp allows your waiters/waitresses to use a cell phone or tablet to take the customer orders at the table. Either at an in-door or out-door table environment, MenuUp will immediately send the order to the kitchen printer when the waiter/waitress taps a button in MenuUp.
Split checks are also easy with the MenuUp software.

Curbside Pickup
MenuUp can be used for take out/curbside orders. MenuUp will printout the customer's vehicle information so you know which vehicle placed the order. There is the optional preferred time feature so customers can order ahead and arrive at the preferred time for pickup.

Customer Arrival Notification
Built in Customer Arrival Notification allows your customer to alert you when they have arrived. Great for Curbside Pickup during the rain. When you see their Customer Arrival Notification, you can bring their order out to them. Your customers will be very happy to use MenuUp.

Delivery Orders
Accept delivery orders from your customers. MenuUp will printout the customer's address for delivery orders. You can hire a driver and set your own delivery price. Google maps linking gives your driver easy driving instructions. There is the optional preferred time feature so customers can expect their order to arrive at a preferred time.
If your restaurant had to layoff employees because of COVID-19 then you can re-hire a former employee as a delivery driver.

Digital Gift Cards
Your online menu can provide Digital Gift Cards. Your customers can order Digital Gift Cards for their family and friends, or just for themselves.
Parents can purchase Digital Gift Cards for their kids to use for a lunch. The children do not need to carry cash or a credit card and can use their digital gift card to purchase a sandwich from your online menu. Digital Gift Cards are the perfect solution when matched with an in store Kiosk.

Customer Loyalty Program
Designed to keep your customers coming back for more. Your customers will be lured with goals and rewarded automatically when they reach those goals. Instant gratification leads more customer engagement and ordering. MenuUp's Customer Loyalty Program can be Tailored to fit your business needs and aspirations.

Time Ready Feature
MenuUp's Smart Software tracks Orders Coming in and keeps your customers satisfied by giving them an accurate and realistic "Ready Time" of when to expect their food to be ready. The expected "Ready Time" is based upon your input settings in the Manager Dashboard and the Order turn over rate.

Order History / Re-Order
MenuUp keeps track of your customer's order history. When your regular customers wants to re-order the same item, they can simply re-order that same sandwich or burger with all the same options and prepared just the way they like it at the click/tap of the ReOrder "order" button.

Order Printout
One Benefit of MenuUp.us is the Online Order to Printer feature. The Online Order to Printer feature will print online orders to a small printer in your kitchen or food truck. The order printout can quickly be placed on your order wheel. FAST and EASY. Visit the video section to see this feature in action!


Multiple printers: MenuUp software can assign printers for various stations so only certain parts of an order are printed to the kitchen and/or food prep stations.

On the other hand, if you prefer to go paperless, all the "Orders In" will display in a monitor or tablet or laptop for easy viewing while preparing a dish. Multiple monitors / tablets can view the "Orders In" at the same time. A tablet or monitor can be placed at each food prep station.

"Orders In" Display
MenuUp.us The "Orders In" Display can be seen on several tablets or monitors at the same time. Other companies only allow a limited number of tablets to display new orders, or other companies will charge you an extra fee. However, MenuUp understands you need data at various places. The Manager can sit in the manager office and see what the kitchen is preparing in real time.
Various food stations can have tablets or monitors to prepare food for new orders.

A re-print of an order to a printer can be done at the click/tab of a button in the "Orders In" display.

Display Orders / Print Orders from Other Services
MenuUp can display orders and/or print orders from other services such as:

Uber Eats
and more...

A mountain of tablets from various food delivery services clutter your counter space and confuse your workers.
MenuUp can consolidate the food delivery orders from other services and also printout the orders for you.
Contact MenuUp and let us know which food delivery services you are currently using.

Service Fee Option to Recoup Expenses
MenuUp understands it is difficult and expensive to run a restaurant, so MenuUp allows you to include a "Service Fee" line item during the Check Out Process for each order. With the optional "Service Fee", you can recoup your services fee expenses.
For example,
      Service Fee: $0.50
You set the Service Fee price at anytime. You can activate / De-activate the Service Fee at anytime.

Flatware Recoup Expenses
MenuUp allows you to create a menu item for "Flatware & Napkins".
Handing out free flatware adds up, but with MenuUp, you can charge for those packages of flatware. You can set the price for "Flatware & Napkins" at anytime. A common unit price for a flatware package is $0.15.

Order Details - export csv
All the records and details of each order can be searched and viewed or exported to a csv file. See a break down of all the items, quantity ordered, toppings, choices and turn over rate and so forth. Even how the eggs were cooked and what salad dressing was used for what salad and when it was served.

Inventory Control
Optional inventory control for each of your food items. When MenuUp detects a food item has low inventory, it will automatically set the item as N/A (Not Available) in the menu. When you add more inventory, the food item will become available.

Alcohol Setting
If your city requires that a food/meal item must be served with an Alcohol item, then MenuUp has a special Alcohol setting to allow your restaurant to comply with local law. With the correct Alcohol setting, MenuUp's Smart Software will remind and require the customer to buy a food/meal item during the purchase of an Alcohol item.

Age Verification
The MenuUp system will not allow the purchase of any alcohol item to non-verified age approved customers. Only customers that have been verified of legal age can purchase an alcohol item through MenuUp.

Cashier Mode
The MenuUp system can be set to "Cashier Mode". In Cashier mode, you can accept orders in store by plugging in the MenuUp credit card reader into a touch screen laptop or a touch screen chromebook. The cashier can easily take the customer's order. The MenuUp printer will printout a receipt for your customer after payment is accepted.

Unique Web Address
Another favorable feature MenuUp.us has to offer is your own web address. Your restaurant will have its own web address of You.MenuUp.us. ("You" is your restaurant name or abbreviation)

Only Your Menu will appear on your MenuUp web address. No ads about your competition will show on Your Menu. Other online order companies will display ads of your competition but not MenuUp.

Multiple Stores
If your company owns multiple stores or a group of restaurants, MenuUp can provide a unique web address for each store. Each store can have its own online menu and all online orders will be received by that store. Also, links to each store can be shared among the group of stores.

Multiple Menus
Multiple Menus can be places in your online menu. Such as "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Dinner". Even a "Daily Special" menu can added and easily be updated.

Floating "Order Online" Button
MenuUp If you already have a website, MenuUp will provide you with a floating Order Online Button that can be installed on your website. Your customers can tap/click on the floating button and then order from your You.MenuUp.us online menu.

Flat Rate or Commission
MenuUp accepts simple Flat Rate or Commissions for payment. Choose which payment plan is best for your situation.

No Hidden Fees
MenuUp has NO Hidden Fees!
MenuUp is up front with its charges and there are No Hidden fees.

You may be thinking MenuUp is an outstanding value and You are Right! However, there is more with MenuUp!

Credit Card Processing
MenuUp integrates with various Credit Card Processors such as Stripe, Heartland, Authorize.net, WorldPay, TSYS, FirstData and more.


Another convenient feature is the quick edit feature. You can quickly edit your menu prices or descriptions at anytime. You can edit your daily specials everyday (visit the video section to see a demonstration). In comparison, other online services may take 24 to 48 hours for the change occur.

These are just a few amazing features MenuUp has to offer for Your Restaurant, Diner, Cafe, Bakery or Food Truck.

You can start today!
Curbside or Inside Pickup
MenuUp allows your customers to order online from your MenuUp menu and then pickup their order curbside. Optional preferred time so customers can order ahead and pick up later at a preferred time.
MenuUp has an alert notification system built in so your customers know when their order is ready for pick up.
MenuUp allows you the option to delivery to your customer. You can hire a driver who is committed to your restaurant and you set your own delivery charge. You are in control with MenuUp.
Dine In
Customers dine in and order from their smart phone while enjoying the atmosphere that only your restaurant can provide. Customers can order on their smart phone or iPhone or iPads or tablets and pay for their order.

Waiting List
Online waiting list available for your customers. Your hostess sends the instant notification via the waiting list display.
Online Reservation list available for your customers. The smart software determines if a table is ready for reservations.
Order Printout
Orders can be printed out in the kitchen and/or multiple service stations.
Multiple printers can be assigned to various stations so only certain parts of an order are printed to the kitchen and/or food prep stations.
Gift Cards Kiosk Option
PickUp Time Slots Inventory Control
Curbside Pickup Inside Pickup
Multi Menu Feature Multiple Categories
Accept Delivery Orders Set your own Delivery Price
Flat monthly fee or Commission fee
No Ads from other restaurants on Your Menu Take Out or Dine In
Online order to Printer feature Orders received in seconds
Pre-Pay Online Pay at Pick Up
Edit Menu Prices Edit Menu Items
Edit Food Options Edit Food Choices
Voice Command Order Summary
Customer Friendly Menu PCI compliant
Edit Store Hours Order Tracking
Sales Summary Unlimited Orders
Laptop or Computer Smartphone or Tablet
Stream line Drive-Thru Order Ready Notification
Multiple Tablets Multiple Monitors
Food Truck Locations Google Maps Linker
Edit Food Categories Edit Daily Specials
Data Export SSL Security
Own Website Address Fast Service

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